The amazing world of birds. An environmental lesson was held for schoolchildren in Yelabuga

15 October 2021, Friday

Children complemented their knowledge about the environment, shared their bird observations and interesting stories. At secondary school No. 9 in Yelabuga, employees of the Prikamsky Territorial Administration conducted an environmental lesson dedicated to our younger brothers. Students solved riddles, did crosswords and listened to a story about birds. "Watching birds and studying them is another way to love nature. Our task is to show children how important every inhabitant of our big planet is. In this way, we develop our horizons and awaken in the younger generation a sense of care and love for nature," the specialists of the Prikamsky TA noted. At the end of the lesson, the students promised to make bird feeders with their own hands to help the wintering birds survive the cold period.

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