Eco-lesson "Divide with us" was held by ecologists for pre-school children of Kazan

6 December 2022, Tuesday

An ecological lesson on recycling, proper sorting and disposal of garbage was conducted by inspectors of the Central Territorial Department of the Ministry of Ecology of the Republic of Tatarstan for pupils of kindergarten No. 44 "Kerpe" in Kazan. The children learned why, and most importantly how to properly sort garbage, how many years it decomposes and what is made from recycled raw materials. Especially for our ecologists, the guys have prepared an ecological fashion show. During the fashion show, costumes from the fairy tale "Pinocchio", Cinderella's incredible ball gown, the Rio de Janeiro dress, the dress of a Parisian woman and a rock artist were demonstrated, and the female Tatar national costume was also paid attention to. Unusual outfits were made of plastic bags, bags, plastic containers, napkins, etc. And teachers organized a mini-tour of the Kerpe eco-route for our inspectors. The educators showed an eco-corner for games, an "Art studio" with drawings and a cozy corner "Grandmother's happiness". According to teachers, such events develop the ecological thinking of children and form a cognitive interest in the study of ecology. "We are very pleased that children are interested in protecting our environment," they note.

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