A reserved lesson was held in the gymnasium of Azanakaevo

13 January 2022, Thursday

What are the nature reserves, what are they for, what national parks exist on the territory of Tatarstan? These and other questions were answered by employees of the Priiksky territorial Administration of the Ministry during the eco-lesson. A virtual tour of the protected places of the Republic of Tatarstan was made by students of the MBOU "Gymnasium of the city of Aznakaevo". The children got acquainted with the history of the nature reserve fund of the republic, learned about representatives of the animal and plant world, the role and importance of specially protected natural territories. "These territories play a crucial role in the conservation and restoration of wildlife resources. They are the most effective mechanism for preserving the natural biodiversity of our planet," Elsa Valieva, a specialist at the Priiksky TA, told the students. After the theory, the guys started the practical part of the lesson - they solved riddles, puzzles, crosswords, guessed animals by description. The main symbol of the environmental event was the groundhog-bobac. "Currently, more than 7000 individuals live on the territory of the Chatyr-Tau Nature Reserve. Thanks to security measures, the number of this animal has increased," the specialists of the territorial administration noted.

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