Egor Tarnavsky: As part of the national project "Ecology", Tatarstan will complete the reclamation of the Samosyrov landfill in 2023 and dismantle the pipes of the Lake oil field

27 February 2023, Monday

Today, Deputy Minister of Ecology Egor Tarnavsky talked with residents of Tatarstan during a direct line at the site of the SDGs of the Republic of Tatarstan.

He noted that over the past five years, over 52 billion rubles have been allocated for environmental protection measures of the republic, of which the amount of budget financing amounted to 20.43 billion rubles, including 12.14 billion rubles from the federal budget and 7.08 billion rubles were allocated from the budget of the Republic of Tatarstan.

Possible damage in the amount of more than 58 billion rubles was prevented. Living conditions for 2.3 million people have been improved.

In just one year, in 2022, a total of more than 14.7 billion rubles were allocated for environmental protection, including almost half of them from enterprises. 

"And of course, the national project "Ecology" gave a new impetus. Since 2019, 29 events worth 14.1 billion rubles have been implemented (including from the federal budget – 11.2 billion rubles). In 2021, we started work ahead of schedule on the reclamation of silt fields. An object that polluted the air of almost the entire Volga district of Kazan for more than 50 years, and was the object of a potential threat of pollution of the entire Volga," the speaker recalled.

Also, one of the most important projects Yegor Tarnavsky designated the project for the reclamation of the Samosyrov landfill on Mamadyshsky tract street in Kazan. "The history of this territory began in 1960. The first dump appeared spontaneously and lasted until 2013. In 2004, the landfill "Samosyrovo" was designed and created next to the landfill. Its capacity was enough to accept waste until 2017. And in 2020 alone, the Ministry received more than 300 complaints from citizens about the smell from this landfill. The liquidation of these two facilities began in 2021. Another global project, which was launched this year, is the dismantling of inactive oil pipelines of the Ozernoye oil field," the Deputy Minister spoke in detail about these pilot projects for Tatarstan.

He also noted the huge contribution of enterprises to improving the environmental situation. Over a three-year period, this is more than 20.0 billion rubles.  According to this indicator, Tatarstan has been holding the leadership in the Volga Federal District for several years.

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