Eco-week for the youngest. A number of eco-enterprises were held in the kindergarten of the Tyulyachinsky district

21 November 2022, Monday

An environmental week was held in kindergarten No. 2 of the Tyulyachinsky district with the participation of specialists of the Northern Territorial Administration of the Ministry of Ecology of the Republic of Tatarstan. As part of this week, the inspectors conducted several environmental lessons of different formats. So, the guys from the senior group at the master class "Sinichkin Day" made feeders from junk material, and the children from the junior and middle groups demonstrated the eco-fashion, presenting a collection of bright costumes from recycled materials. In addition, intellectual games and contests were organized for children. The pupils of the preparatory group tested their knowledge in the quiz "Experts of the forest". The guys had to answer 9 tasks. The kids guessed the animals by their footsteps and descriptions, told which migratory birds they know, and which plants can replenish the home first aid kit. Divided into two teams, "Conservationists" and "Young Ecologists", gave correct answers, earning points for victory. Following the results of the game, environmentalists of the Northern TA presented memorable gifts to the participants.

Teachers note that by drawing the attention of children to the problems of environmental conservation and educating children to respect nature, we can talk about the development of an environmentally oriented generation in society.

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