We invite you to take part in the international environmental award "EcoWorld"-2021

11 June 2021, Friday

The Russian Academy of Natural Sciences announces a competition for the title of laureate of the International Environmental Award "EcoWorld" 2021. The award is a public award for outstanding achievements in environmental protection and environmental safety, as well as in other environmental activities aimed at sustainable development in the XXI century.

The competition is aimed at promoting the development of environmental policy, improving the level of environmental education and environmental culture of the population, the development of environmental science, the dissemination of environmentally friendly technologies, improving public health and preserving biodiversity.

The selection of participants is based on the submitted applications and documents confirming the implementation of the submitted projects, programs, and promotions.

Contest nominations:

1. Environmental policy and the environment;

2. Environmental education, enlightenment and culture;

3. Environmental developments, resource-saving and waste-free


4. Environmentally friendly goods and food;

5. Ecology and human health;

6. Environmentally friendly technologies and materials in low-rise building

construction, wooden housing construction;

7. Landscape design and architectural solutions, landscape

painting, landscape and park design, architecture;

8. Conservation of biodiversity and natural landscapes.

Applications for the competition are to be submitted by October 31, 2021.

The founder of the award is the public organization "Russian Academy of Natural Sciences".

More detailed information can be obtained by clicking on the link https://raen.info/activities/proekty4-mezhdunarodnaja-ekologicheskaja-premija-ecoworld.html, by e-mail: prezidiumraen@yandex.ru and phone: +7 495 954-26-11.

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