Tatarstan citizens can take part in contest for the award in field of ecology and geography “Crystal Compass”

9 January 2018, Tuesday

The application for the national award in the field of ecology and geography “Crystal Compass” was launched. Nominees can be citizens of the Russian Federation and other countries, creative unions, domestic and foreign organizations and enterprises that have implemented projects in the field of geography and ecology, preservation and promotion of natural and historical and cultural heritage in 2017. To participate, it is necessary to fill in the registration form (it can be downloaded from the website:, prepare a presentation in free form, attach a photo and send the materials to e-mail: until 10 February 2018. Printed materials can be sent by mail: 350051, Krasnodar, Rashpilevskaya syr. 333, p.o. box 1777 (indicate “the National Award “Crystal Compass” in the field “Recipient”).

As a result of the contest, the jury will determine the winners in 10 categories:

- Scientific achievement (research in the field of ecology, national geography, ethnography, local history);

- Education (educational program in the field of ecology, geography, popularization of historical and cultural heritage, organization and conduct of popular science lectures, forums, youth camps, creation of educational films and other multimedia projects);

- The best social and information project on the preservation of natural and historical and cultural heritage (a project aimed at the formation of eco-mind, conservation of nature, natural and cultural landscapes);

- The best ecological project of industrial enterprises, business (project in the field of preservation and restoration of the environment, safety and reducing the negative impact on the environment, resource saving in production);

- Travel and expedition (organization and conduct of a unique trip, expedition);

- Best coverage in the media (a series of publications, radio and television programs, videos aimed at the formation of ecological culture in the society, preservation and popularization of the natural and historical and cultural heritage of Russia);

- Publication (popular science book, thematic publication, series of books, photo albums, sets of postcards about natural, archaeological, cultural sites in Russia, reprinting of unique books);

- Photo work (photos, a series of pictures on subjects);

- Civil position (prize for personal contribution to the preservation of the national heritage, nomination is carried out on the initiative of the members of the expert council from declared participants);

- Best regional project (socio-information, educational project, put forward by the regional branches of the Russian Geographical Society).

The winner in the nomination: “Recognition of the public” will be determined by Internet voting on the award website.


Telephone for inquiries (in Krasnodar): 8 (800) 700-18-45, 8 (861) 213-10-61.


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