Tatarstan amateur photographers can take part in contest "Rare species of animals in Russia and their habitat"

5 January 2018, Friday

Applications for participation in the photo contest "Rare species of animals in Russia and their habitats" can now be sent. The purpose of the contest is to bring the beauty of the wild nature of our country to the wide audience and to point out the problem points: preservation of populations of rare animals and their natural habitat, support for the work of specially protected natural areas, promotion of nature conservation initiatives of WWF Russia and drawing attention to the theme of ecotourism in the Russian Federation.

The amateur photographers can take part in the following nominations:

- Rare species of animals in Russia - photographs of the inhabitants of the following eco-regions: Arctic, Altai-Sayan, Caucasus, Kamchatka, Far East;

- reserved Russia - photographs of landscapes of Russian nature reserves, national and natural parks;

- Wild animals in the city - photographs of animals themselves, their dwellings, the coexistence of species in the Russian urban environment, human assistance in the conservation and adaptation of wild species in the urban environment;

- Life in eco-style - photographs of eco-friendly buildings, points of separate garbage collection, “green” roofs and architectural objects, renewable energy sources, green products / actions / sustainable business and industries, electric vehicles, eco-farming, economical use of resources.

An important condition is that pictures mist be taken only on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Works of participants are accepted on the contest organizer website ( until January 20, 2018.


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