Students of grades 5-8 of Kazan are invited to participate in KVN on topic "Green Country"

6 January 2018, Saturday

Kazan schoolchildren of grades 5-8 can take part in the KVN team game on the topic "Green Country", which will be held on February 16, 2017. The organizers of the event are the Education Department of the Executive Committee of Kazan and the City Ecological and Biological Center.
To participate in the game it is necessary to pass the qualifying stage. Schoolchildren need to fill out questionnaires, prepare a mini-presentation and send them in a scanned form to the address in the period from 11 to 25 January 2018. The presentation should include the name and picture of team members and description of their activities (care for plants, animals and birds, participation in environmental actions, competitions). Teams that showed good results in the first stage, go to the full-time stage of the game. To participate in the game, students must prepare in advance the homework:
- "Greeting" - the visiting card of the team - a short and vivid performance, revealing the image of the team. The duration of the performance is 5 minutes.
- "Homework" - a logically built performance on the theme of the game. Various additional means are welcome: sound effects, scenery, masks, costumes.
The jury members will determine the winner and two prize-winners who will be awarded with the certificates of the Kazan Education Department.
The rules of participation can be found on the website of the State Technical University of Kazan:
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