November 2018

The Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of the Republic of Tatarstan continues to accept applications for participation in the republican competition "ECOleader". The most environmentally friendly enterprises, educational institutions - whose task is to teach to take care of nature, social activists who are not indifferent to environmental problems, and, of course, journalists who, during the year, became real assistants to inspectors of the Ministry of Ecology of Tatarstan, are invited to participate.

November 2018

Such a position in life is brought up in pupils of Kazan schools No. 146. Today, more than 200 kg of used batteries were delivered by second-graders of this educational institution to the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of the Republic of Tatarstan. “We are surprised by the results! The whole school collected from the beginning of the school year. How many batteries could have been thrown away and how many hedgehogs we saved! ”, notes the pupil of 2g grade - Ekaterina Fadeeva. This year, the school also installed battery collection boxes, prepared information sheets and slides to explain to the younger generation danger of a regular battery.

7 unauthorized dumps of household waste were liquidated in Rybno-Slobodskiy district. 3 of which were recorded in the villages of Anatysh, Bolshaya Elga and Sorochiy Gory, 4 focal heaps of garbage - in Rybnaya Sloboda urban-type settlement. The total area of ​​liquidation was 315 sq.m., volume - 71 cubic meters.

The message about unauthorized storage of garbage on the border of Nizhnekamsk and Bolshoe Afanasovo village came from schoolchildren to the Zakamskiy Territorial Administration of the Ministry of Ecology of the Republic of Tatarstan. During the visit of the site, state inspectors found 2 cubic meters of smoldering waste. “This site is under our attention: a pit has been dug here, where wastes are periodically dumped, and later burned”, said environmentalists.

November 2018

The fact of unauthorized waste disposal was found in Almetyevsk. A representative of a construction company that owns a land plot where a landfill was identified reported on environmental violation in the South-Eastern Territorial Administration of the Ministry of Ecology of the Republic of Tatarstan. “A video of the violation was submitted to us. Contaminated soil, wood waste, insulation were dumped from a GAZ vehicle in the Alsu district. When leaving for the site of violation, about 60 cubic meters of garbage were found", - told environmentalists.

In the modern educational process, ecology, although not present as a separate subject, pupils are increasingly faced with environmental problems. It is important that, from an early age, children understand the relationship between man and nature, as well as how nature can change under the influence of man.

Within the framework of “Environmental GTO” project, an environmental event was held at the Arskiy primary secondary school No. 3. The project includes checking the environmental knowledge of children, whether they know how to properly dispose garbage, to choose goods that bring less harm to nature.

Saturday voluntary clean-up days are a vivid example of respect for nature. An environmental clean-up day was held in the territory of the Lyceum boarding school (school for gifted children) in Buinsk, Republic of Tatarstan, in order to form ecological education. Pupils of the 5th grade, together with their parents and teachers, cleaned up the forest area along the branch line of the railroad line from Gagarin Street to Kazanskiiy Trakt Street.

The competition of ecological drawings "From a clean sheet!" has been announced for pupils of 1 -11th grades. From October 10 to November 10, the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of the Republic of Tatarstan accepts works made with colored pencils, paints, felt-tip pens (performance technique for the choice of the author) of A3 / A4 format. In the lower right corner on the face of the picture, you must specify the name of the author, grade, name of the educational organization, name of the work. On the back side indicate contact phone number and email address.

Works are accepted at the address Kazan, Pavlyukhina str., 75, office 108

November 2018

“The passage to the water object is closed”, a resident of Nizhnekamsk complained to the Zakamskiy Territorial Administration of the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Tatarstan. “The structure, located along the shore of Dolgoye Lake, stands for about 20 years. And we, members of the Stroitel garden society, cannot simply pass to the water body”, complained the citizen. When environmentalists arrived at the site, the fact of violation of environmental legislation was confirmed. In relation to the natural person who committed the violation, an administrative investigation was conducted under Part 1 of Art. 8.12.

Most of our planet is occupied by waters of oceans, seas, lakes, rivers, ice. Even clouds are accumulations of water. Once, long ago, all life on earth originated in the ocean. Water is needed by plants and animals. The employees of the Zakamskiy Territorial Administration of the Ministry of Ecology of the Republic of Tatarstan conducted an environmental lesson at Sarmanovskiy secondary school on this topic. The purpose of the lesson is environmental education of the younger generation, expanding the horizons of schoolchildren.

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