• 30.06.2015

    Pieces of work for the contest of social ecological advertisement “Clear View” are accepted

    The Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of the Republic of Tatarstan announces the start of the 4th Open Republican Youth Contest of Social Ecological Advertisement “Clear view”. The contest is aimed at involvement of the population in solution of problems regarding environment protection, providing of young people with a possibility to express their attitude to this or that problem in the field of ecology. Pieces of work should feature ideas and approaches to solution of the most burning ecological problems of the Russian Federation in the field of protection of air, water and land resources, in the field of management of production and consumption waste, as well as in the matters related to ecological education of the young generation. 
  • 29.06.2015

    Scientificandartisticexpedition “Volga” arrivedin Tatarstan

    TheScientificandartisticexpedition “Volga”arrived today in the Republic of Tatarstan. Itincludesleadingnaturalphotographs, cameramen, urban specialists and culture experts who carry outcontinuous photo and video registration of both shores of the Volga River from its head to mouth.The delegation also includes ecological specialists who make analyses to estimate water quality. The work of the eco-analytical vessel “Flamingo” of the Central specialized inspection of analytical control under the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of the 
  • 26.06.2015

    The meeting of the ecological board devoted to the matters of development of the air quality management system was held in St. Petersburg

    The 3rdmeetingoftheFederalEcologicalBoardwasheldtodayinSt. PetersburgunderthechairmanshipoftheMinisterforNaturalResourcesandEcologyoftheRussianFederationSergeyDonskoyfeaturing “DevelopmentoftheairqualitymanagementsystemandexercisebyconstituententitiesoftheRussianFederationoftheir authorities delegatedinthisfield”. ParticipantsofthemeetingincludedmembersoftheFederationCounciloftheRussianFederation, head of nature protection ministries and authorities of Russian regions, as well as representatives of public ecological organizations. The Minister for Ecology and Natural Resources of the Republic of Tatarstan Artem Sidorov made a report on creation in the Republic of Tatarstan of the system of consolidated estimation of air pollutionin order to make town-planning solutions and pl
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