• 23.08.2016

    A two-meter fence was demolished on the bank of the Kazanka River without judicial ruling Ecological specialists checked today compliance with the water protection legislation

    A metal fence limiting free access to the coastal area of the Kazanka River was demolished today by the owners of the territory of the water rowing center on Rabochaya Str. in Novo-Savinsky district of Kazan. Earlier, inspectors of the Central Territorial Department under the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of the Republic of Tatarstan drew a protocol under Article 8.12.1 of the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation ("Failure to comply with the obligation to provide citizens with free access to the public water body and its coastal area"), a ruling was given to sustain a sentence in the form of a fine of 200 thousand rubles. Moreover, a remedial action order was issued to the owner of the land plot to demolish the fence. The violation has been eliminated. For the similar facts of limitation of access to the coastal areas of water bodies,this year the Ministry of ecologydrew up 159 administrative protocols, the fines were imposed to the amount of 1.2 million rubles, and 36 claims based on the Ministry's materials were referred to the judicial authorities
  • 23.08.2016

    The Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of Russia informs: "Ecological state of the facilities for the FIFA World Cup 2018 is found to be at a high level".

    "Ecological state of the facilities for the FIFA World Cup 2018 is found to be at a high level", as it was appraised by Rustam Rabadanov, Deputy Director of the Department for the State Policy and Regulation in the field of Environment Protection under the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of Russia, following the results of inspection of the ecological state of facilities used to hold the FIFA World Cup in the capital of Tatarstan, reports the official website of the Ministry of Natural Resources and
  • 20.08.2016

    Participants of the expedition "Small rivers of Tatarstan" were greeted today at the Locomotive beach Traditionally, the event ended with territory cleaning.

    Today, representatives of the Ministry of Ecology of the Republic of Tatarstan, members of the Tatar Department of the Russian Geographical Society, volunteers and active participants of the "BUDETCHISTO" movement carried out a large-scale cleaning campaign at the Locomotive beach in Kazan. The Saturday work campaign became the climax of rafting along the Sviyaga and the Volga rivers that started on
  • 19.08.2016

    Ecological support of the FIFA World Cup was discussed today in Kazan The work of ecological specialists from Tatarstan was appraised by their federal colleagues

    Ecological situation in Kazan was inspected today by representatives of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation. A visiting conference on ecological support for preparation and holding of the FIFA World Cup 2018 was held today in the capital of Tatarstan. The delegation inspected ecological state of the training camp of the FC "Rubin", the air state monitoring post under the Department of the Territorial Administration for Hydrometeorological and Environmental Monitoring for the Republic of Tatarstan on Lavrentyeva Str., and the football stadium Kazan Arena. "It is not the first time I am visiting Kazan. I have started visiting the city since I started getting ready for the Universiade. I am familiar with the facilities. I would like to acknowledge that over the time all the facilities have preserved
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